Thursday, May 13, 2010

You can't beat Wellington on a good day

Apparently that's an expression here. Though they warn there are only four good days a year. In terms of weather, one was May 11 - which was perfect.

NZ 017

No, I did not buy fabric... but I did buy a jacket and screen printed stockings with NZ birds.

NZ 018
NZ 020
NZ 024

They've got these great sort of verandas on Cuba St (which my Rough Guide calls the 'alternative area'). It's where I found craft books of the how-to-sell-online variety, and indie fashion from recycled vintage, a lot of vintage clothes, a tiny shop with prints and vinyl toys, and a lot of patios. Part of the street is pedestrianized, with no car traffic (though watch for bikes). KS recommends Fidel's coffee at the top of the hill. It's red, of course.

NZ 025

Back down the hill to the harbour:
NZ 026
NZ 027
NZ 028
NZ 029
NZ 031
NZ 032

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