Monday, May 10, 2010

Geological fieldtrip I

Sunday morning at 8:30 am, we met at Te Papa to go on a fieldtrip to Castle Rock (to the northeast). The idea was that the geology mimics what might be out in the seafloor sediment where gas hydrates are found offshore. It was overcast, occasionally foggy, with sporadic light rain - but very beautiful.

Wellington in fog
NZ 003
accretionary prism as farm
This area the land consists of accretionary prism sediments - once this was seafloor.

NZ 007
Here you can see how active the tectonics really are: the hill is uplifted.

on route to Castle Rock
NZ 008
Suddenly, after three hours of driving, we were at the coast.

NZ 009
You can sort of see the parallel terraced ridges on the beach.
parallel ridges
pretty sandstone
Pretty sandstone complete with worm trail.

abalone shell
These types of shells have traditionally been used for jewelry here.

lamb jaw on NZ beach
Pretty sure that's a lamb jaw on the NZ beach.

view of Castle Rock

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