Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday morning before the hike

So yesterday it was unexpectedly beautiful. I wandered to Cuba St and found Ernesto's - clearly after Fidel's Café the day before, I am sensing a theme here. I had a cappicino and toasted banana bread with butter and honey. They will toast ANYTHING here, and ofter assume that's what you want - which is fine by me. Anyhow, it was suddenly sunny, so I thought today is the day to climb up and see the city with the clear blue skies, but first do what any sensible person does at the first sight of sunshine - head for the beach.

NZ 005
Parts of Cuba St make it seem aptly named.

NZ 007

A lot of streets have these covered walkways, which are great in the rain.

NZ 008

NZ 011
It was only supposed to be 17C but it felt like 25C.

NZ 012
NZ 013
NZ 015
NZ 016NZ 018
NZ 019NZ 023
NZ 025
NZ 027NZ 028
I ended up carrying around two jackets - just in case, but I hardly needed one until 3 pm. After the beach by the swanky Oriental Parade, I climbed Hay St. and entered Charles Plimmer Park. From there, I climbed Mt. Victoria and began on the Southern Walkway. (more soon)

The gate, by the way, reads, "You Are Your Voice."

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