Monday, May 17, 2010

Kapiti Island - Summit & Descent

NZ 106NZ 109
NZ 110NZ 111
NZ 112NZ 113
Kapiti geodetic marker
Look kids, it's another geodetic marker.
summit Kapiti Island
weka, hoping for lunch
Weka hoping for free lunch from inattentive hikers. Next we have the vain kaka who wanted a photoshoot.

kakavain kaka
silly kaka bird
He just hung out in various postions, including sideways and right next to my head.

view of North Island from Kapitikereru
kereru in tree

There were all sorts of kereru at the bottom of the hill in a grassy, marshy area, but the very special thing was the glimpse of the rare tahakē a bird thought to be extinct in 1898 (like a big, purple dodo):
the rare takahe

kereru and mountainsleepy kereru flock

This was an amazing day trip! But I am still exhausted.

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