Monday, May 10, 2010

Geological fieldtrip II

Castle Rock lighthouse

Did I mention the hardcore surfers, in the winter cold?

Castle Rock
lighthouse & bay
view of Castle Rock

Apparently Castle Point was named by Captain Cook.

looking down on bay

lighthouse at Castle Point, NZNZ 024
NZ 026

Then we stopped for coffee! Everywhere you go, even the gas stations, you can get an excellent coffee of any sort. These people have priorities. Speaking of which, we then went to a vineyard, tasted wine and looked at vines.

Monday was a bit dramatic for me multitasking: attempting to listen talks while unexpected having to schedule experiments with scientists at sea and ashore in BC via Skype, and twitter. No, really. Followed an impromptu tour of a science vessel, a public lecture, and a late Malaysian dinner. The KS & friends attempted to convince me I needed to then go for cocktails at 10:30 pm, but I went back to my hotel to review my presentation. Today, I have my own talk.

Oh, it's 7:09 am. Soon I'll have to go wake up the boys. (I apologized once for calling grad students pushing 30 'boys', but they find it funny and vaguely endearing, so I persist. We always referred to my brothers that way, so it's a habit).

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