Saturday, May 15, 2010

Climbing Mt. Victoria

Apparently the early colonialist had this novel idea: ring the city with public park, the Town Belt. This includes the 196 m Mount Victoria. I climbed into Charles Plimmer Park from Hay St, a less well-mainted entrance which was muddy, steep and slipery, so I wondered if this was the best plan, but soon I meet up with the main path which was still steep, but easy to follow. It was thick with fit Wellingonians jogging or mountain biking.

NZ 032NZ 037

Mid-way up the hill.
NZ 038
NZ 039NZ 040
NZ 043NZ 047
NZ 046

Once I reached the top, I simply sat down for a bit, at the side of the road (where lazy people arrive by car or bus ;). Some guy in a camper van pulled a u-turn just so he could holler at me me, "Don't fall in. That might hurt."

NZ 048NZ 053
NZ 054
NZ 055NZ 056

There's a monument to Antartic explorers at the actual look-out, and a canon by which early settlers set their watches.

NZ 058
NZ 059NZ 060
NZ 061NZ 062
NZ 065NZ 066
NZ 068NZ 070
NZ 072
NZ 075

This is looking towards the South Island.
NZ 076
NZ 077
NZ 078NZ 080

NOTE TO SELF: Bring water and sunscreen when climbing mountains, you silly goose.

I took a grand total of zero photographs today. No, really. So, perhaps, I'll delay posting the rest of my Southern Walkway photos until later, so you can have a daily photo travelogue.

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