Saturday, May 1, 2010

Book of Hope 2010

book of hope 2010

This is my 4 inch by 4 inch (10 cm square) 'chunky page' entry for alteredmommy's collaborative Book of Hope 2010, which she will auction to raise funds for cancer research. The theme this year was birds, which reminded me of the 1000 paper cranes tradition. Folding 1000 paper cranes is supposed to mean that the crane will grant you a wish like longevity or recovery from illness, so I thought it an apt metaphor. I found the chains of cranes very moving at the Toshogu peace shrine, in Tokyo. These small chains of cranes are free to swing.

Good way to begin my new year I think.

The DJ woke me by calling first thing this morning. Apparently, he then proceeded to wake up our brother too. The OB and I suspect the just wanted us to know that he and K are fostering four kittens for the Humane Society. So, my plan for tomorrow is brunch with Mom, the boys and K, followed by kitten-viewing. Then dinner chez Dad&Krys.

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