Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hahei and Cathedral Cove

In the morning I look the south route (25A) around the Coromandel Forest, through the mountains, rather than the longer route around the coast, because I was tired of driving. The south route proved to be challenging but spectacular. It's through the mountains with sharp twists and turns and sudden climpses of the coast. When making roads through the mountains they need to consider the bends and the grade. Older roads were made for horse and buggy so in order to minimize the grade, they maximize the number of bends. Modern cars can cope with driving uphill, but the constant turning is tiring for a driver. Suddenly, I was in Hahei, and there was the beach. It felt like it was about 25 C, and sunny. After a much needed coffee, I began to hike towards Cathedral Cove. After climbing the hills I was hot.

Hahei beachHahei beachHahei beachhiking towards Cathedral Covehiking towards Cathedral Cove
tsunami plan
Earth science nerd photo.
Cathedral CoveCathedral Cove
Hahei beachHahei beach shorebirdshiking towards Cathedral Cove
Hahei beachCathedral Cove
Cathedral Cove
Cathedral Cove gets its name from the spectacular, naturally formed near Gothic arch in the sandstone.

Cathedral CoveCathedral Cove

It was so nice I went swimming. Many people followed. The local Kiwis were incredulous and asked, "In the winter?" I believe we define that word differently.

Cathedral Covewaterfall

There was a natural fresh water waterfall as a shower.

renegade sheep head for beach

As I left I met two renegade sheep, making a break for the beach.

surfyellow onebirds on beach

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