Monday, May 17, 2010

Last Day in Wellington

electric busYesterday, I tried to take it easy, avoid steep inclines or stairs. This being Wellington, that was unlikely. I visited Parliament, the St. Paul's cathedral and the Old St. Paul's cathedral. I did my laundry. I tried and failed to get a refund on my extra Kapiti Island permit from the Department of Conservation (I arrived 1 minute too late). Then I met my Kiwi colleague and 4 Canadian scientits* for dinner. Four of use continued on to go see Boy, a bittersweet New Zealand comedy film. It was quite good, about a Maori boy in 1984, obsessed with Michael Jackson and his family, particularly his feckless, largely absentee father.

lion tail with knit embellishment
This is a memorial for the two world wars. Someone has knit the lion a small purple tail-warmer. I love the knit-bombers.

Parliament & Library
Parliament with the Gothic/Sante Fe Parliamentary Library.

Beehive & Parliament
Beehive and Parliament.

St Paul's, Wellingtonstained glass at St Paul's
St. Paul's Cathedral.

dodo stained glass
Dodo stained glass!

Hungarians? This gate reads, "God bless the Hungarians" which struck me as improbable.

Old St Paul's, WellingtonOld St Paul's

Old St. Paul's is all wood. Inside it feels like a ship. It is still consecrated and used for weddings and furnerals but known run more as a museum.

NZ 036NZ 037
NZ 038NZ 039
NZ 040

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