Tuesday, May 11, 2010

walk to Te Papa

movie instrustry sculpture

This statue is an hommage to the film industry. I think it looks like a mutant three-legged robot spider, personally. It is at the corner of Cambridge Terrace (where I am staying) and the nearby sort of club land on Courtenay Place.

museum through silhouette

This is one of several silhouette sculptures by the Museum hotel (and the museum can be seen through the silhouette). There's a lot of public art here, which is wonderful. Really, there seems to be something on most blocks of bigger streets.

Wellington hill

There are cable cars here, including private ones. A lot of the homes on the hill do not have street access, but a group of neighbours may have their own cable car to get to their homes. All building materials need to be brought up the hill this way too. PE said she heard of a family on the hill whose dog goes to doggie daycare. The family places the dog in the cable car and the doggie daycare takes it out at the bottom of the hill.

view of habour

This is the view towards the harbour from in front of the museum.

It is wrong that I am inside here, listening to talks when there is actual blue sky out there.

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