Tuesday, May 12, 2009

mad scientists: horror most fowl

Gong-ji: The RoosterSo the Mad Scientists of Etsy were talking* about chickens (with the exception of a group of biologists who keep persisting in talking about about dissecting frogs... from which I really wish they would desist) and tyarkoni wrote,
"So here's my bit 'o chicken: I used to do a lot of acting in indie films, and one of my favorite (and strangest) was a spoof on horror films I did called "Zombeak!" It's a hilarious zombie/chicken movie & in one scene I had to deliver a monologue to a fake chicken possessed by satan! Talk about suspension of disbelief, phew."

Yep. Scientist-etsians are not like other people. I <3 the mad scientists. They have more off-beat life stories.

In other news, I sold a walrus print, yay! Reynardin and I persisted, though we had to wait in line in the cold (Hey! You there, yeah you, Climate - wake up! It is mid-May... enough with the frost already!) to get into to the music to draw to soiree, because as kid koala said, they "grossly underestimated how many of [us] wanted to draw". But draw, to music, we did.

*I mean really typing, or chatting online.

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