Sunday, May 10, 2009

Parkdale - High Park

So the OB actually made a lovely Mothers Day Brunch. The DJ&K went to the DR, so it was just me and the OB&D and Mom (& the grand-dog, who nearly died of excitement). Then, I went to Trove and got some much needed shoes (as all current footware has extraneous holes... so I think it is okay to indulge in shoes). I took the Bathurst car south to King and along King, until everything came to a halt due to a procession from one of the Catholic Cathedrals west of Dufferin. The streetcar driver said, "I am opening the doors. I might be a WHILE." He sounded quite hopeless. So I wandered by the Worn Fashion Journal yard sale and only bought as many fabric samples as I could carry.* Wandering through Parkdale gave me a chance to photograph some of the graffiti and wheatpaste stuff that I have been eying.

cats, couple and flower
feline couple
Mr. Cat is checking out Little Miss Cat.
wheatpaste man
paint archeology
I love the texture and gentle faded colours on this wall.
little couple
wheatpaste message
bike heads These wheatpaste figures used to be men with motorbike-heads... but now they are all head. If you look closely you can still see the collars.
violin & vampire truck
This trunk has been on High Park Blvd. as long as I remember.

*I do not care what Faunalia says. I am not a fabric junkie. I need it. I do not buy more than I can carry... so like, it is not a problem... just a habit. ;)

Edit: If you are interested in the wheatpaste artist, coincidentally, the Wooster Collective published an interview with him today.

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