Saturday, May 30, 2009

the chair... still roaming the internet (& other things)

AFTER: the chair
It is now on shelterrific. Thanks to my fellow mad scientist of etsy, Polymath, for letting me know!

The other thing I learned from the MSOE, is rather depressing. Apparently, the US CPSIA bill means that some schools have decided that ROCKS (as in scientific displays thereof, to teach earth science) ARE DANGEROUS FOR KIDS. It was vaguely amusing when I was asked whether the old rock samples in the lab were dangerous... but when "safety" concerns become draconian, and education hindered, I cannot find it funny.

Hou: The Monkey, detail To leave on a more upbeat note, my fellow TCET member inkyspider or kootsac has a post on gifts for Geminis which includes my monkey print. Thanks Morgen!

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