Friday, May 15, 2009

Not that type of Demon

Maxwell's Demon- closeup Ooh! If I say I think it is a good omen that my Maxwell's Demon print turned up this morning on the craftster blog Angels and Demons round up, will you think I'm crazy? Demons, good omens? But you know, I never thought of Maxwell's Demon as sinister. He fights entropy and could counter the ultimate heat death of the universe (were he to ever succeed at his task). Like I explained to Blythechild, he's just a tiny, tidy, Scottish, Presbyterian demon. He wouldn't work on Sundays! But he works consistently from Monday to Saturday, fighting entropy. He's not after your soul - he's not that type of demon. He likes his tea with milk and sugar on the side - less entropy that way.

Anyway, I'm flattered to appear on the craftster blog! I haven't managed to make as much time for craftster of late, but I love their blog! Especially Mr. X Stitch (who deserves his own post and is an awesome addition to their blog team), and batgirl (Part Librarian, Part Superhero) is a sweetheart.

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