Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fieldwork: Rimouski

This is a short video of the research vessel tied up at the pier (probably not save for frequent victims of motion sickness, including AS and F). The video shows a 4 m (that's over 13 feet) swell. Immediately before I shoot this clip, a couple of waves crashed right over the pier, dousing the cars (hence the headlights - that vehicle is fleeing). This also explains why AS decided to go ashore and hold up in a hotel room in Rimouski for a week, rather than join us in the St. Lawrence. Made the hula dancer on the bridge dance.

quebec 169

A calmer moment in Rimouski:
quebec 173
quebec 174

Local fauna:
quebec 189
quebec 197

Friday, September 24, 2010

Québec to Rimouski

quebec 108 I was very surprised to learn Canadians had not heard of Rimouski. How can you not have heard of Rimouski? There's an oceanographic institution there. Where are their priorities? On the south side of the St. Lawrence there's only two towns of note. This is the one which isn't Trois-Rivières. I drove there with RM and AS. Mercifully, RM didn't mind driving in Québec, which I didn't feel like doing [insert inter-provincial rivalry/driving skepticism here] so he ended up driving the whole way. That meant we went the (more) scenic route and had to stop periodically for him to take photos.

We pased this building and AS remarked on the 'historic fortifications'. I said it looked more like a silo. So, within 30 s, we had a bet and RM pulled a U-turn. There were private property signs everywhere, but there was also a historic plaque for the moulin (mill... not quite a silo, but definitely not a fort).

quebec 102
quebec 099

The next stop was definitely a mill:
quebec 118
quebec 119
quebec 122quebec 123
quebec 126

Clearly the first building built in any town was the church:
quebec 128
quebec 130
quebec 129quebec 131

We actually got out, approached the water and tasted it, to make sure that it was at least brackish (somewhat salty) and we could expect good conduction of electromagnetic fields.*

quebec 145
quebec 146quebec 147quebec 148
quebec 149
quebec 150
quebec 151
*Yes, it's a nerd road-tip thing to do. I know.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Québec, Part III

quebec 060
It's a giant hand sculpture with a feather - of course it's in my photostream.

quebec 061quebec 062

I re-visited the little gallery across the street from the train station, because I enjoyed the Barbie-parts sculptures in the window. A lot of glare, unfortunately, but I sort of like the reflections too, along with the wunderkammer of Barbie-parts.

Barbie Cabinet of Curiosity

Barbie Head Truck Cabinet of Curiosity

By the train staion, the sculptural installation of metal chairs (a 400th birthday gift from Montréal to Québec) was deceptively simple. The incised snipets of Québec poetry, in French, English and Innuktitut, and the interplay of light and shadow was arresting.

quebec 065
quebec 066
quebec 067quebec 068
quebec 069
quebec 070
quebec 071quebec 072
quebec 073

quebec 075quebec 076
quebec 077
quebec 083
quebec 095quebec 096

Monday, September 20, 2010