Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fieldwork: Rimouski

This is a short video of the research vessel tied up at the pier (probably not save for frequent victims of motion sickness, including AS and F). The video shows a 4 m (that's over 13 feet) swell. Immediately before I shoot this clip, a couple of waves crashed right over the pier, dousing the cars (hence the headlights - that vehicle is fleeing). This also explains why AS decided to go ashore and hold up in a hotel room in Rimouski for a week, rather than join us in the St. Lawrence. Made the hula dancer on the bridge dance.

quebec 169

A calmer moment in Rimouski:
quebec 173
quebec 174

Local fauna:
quebec 189
quebec 197


the rikrak studio said...

you're so cool, cutie! wow - love these posts!

and thanks for coming to the blog party today, nicey!

minouette said...

Thanks k! I'll have to check out all the other links.