Friday, August 12, 2011

urban wetlands

ele turtle

All of this is well within the city. RJH wanted to go kayaking. There is a company which rents kayaks down at the beach, not far from here. We went to the water, but they weren't there. Not deterred, we continued past Old Mill to the Humber River, where there were kayaks and canoes for rent. Where we launched was noisy enough, what with the construction on the Bloor St bridge and the overpassing subway cars, but right away we could see kingfishers, moths, dragon and damselflies. While neither as quiet, not pristine as our paddle near Fredericton, earlier this summer, it was quite amazing how quickly the city disappeared. We passed the Humber Yatch Club, but only saw a couple of pleasurecrafts, a few canoes, another kayak and some fishermen. There were a few marshes to explore. RJH took the photos (of course). I had an instinct that I should not bring my camera in a kayak and I find it's best never to ignore instincts. I love turtles and was happy to see this muddy guy sunning himself. We veered some distance off the main course of the river into a secluded marsh, where we found many swans, water lilies, lily pads and this lovely egret. He remarked that we had a full 360 degree view of green. The tall reeds screened any sign of homes or roads, and dampened noise as well. We went most of the way down towards the lake, returning only when we could see the Lakeshore.

Now I have sore shoulders and sunburnt thighs, but it's great to remember how much wildlife manages to thrive here, and that wild spaces remain, for those who can't escape the city.


With a pun only Reynardin could love, RJH mailed me that photo with the subject line 'Egrets, I've had a few.'

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