Wednesday, August 3, 2011


So, I made a crow linocut. I actually made this before I went away to England. Our lovely hosts in Fredericton collect crow prints* so I was inspired to take on the crow as subject. They are amazing animals, which made it more challenging. I think really to capture a crow, I'd have to do a whole series of prints. So, think of this one as the flying crow. We saw lots of crows in the maritimes, to I asked RJH to photograph some for me. This print is based on a crow he photographed in Peggy's Cove.

Crow linocut
Crow detail
Crow detail

I also made a proof with chine collé papers for the eye and feet:
crow with coloured eyes and feet

I was sort of torn whether accuracy of colour was more important or whether the graphic nature of black on white made for a more interesting print. I'm going to frame this in the frame my brother made for me.**

Printmaking in the summer here in Toronto can be problematic due to humidity. It really hampers the ink viscosity. I kept this first edition small, but I'll likely print a second edition when the weather is better. There is also one proof which was ahem, embellished by Minouette. She added black pawprints to my original. I'm not sure what to do with that. I'm considering selling it at a big discount.

*Yay! It's always great when the appropriate thank you gift is obvious. For instance, I was really flummoxed by what to get my emergency cat-sitter because if I give her more linocuts, she'll have to start wallpapering her ceiling with them.

**I LOVE handmade gifts. Just sayin'

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