Monday, December 28, 2009

The Watchers, Ngorongoro

Lion and Lioness Remember the photograph my mother took of the lion and lioness in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area?
Well, she's been re-decorating her bedroom with things from her travels. She's repainted it sand and a deep azure blue. She used a table cloth she bought in Tanzania and had a duvet cover made. So I made her a pillow. First, I carved a lino block, based on the photograph:
lions in grass

Then I printed it onto fabric. I combined it with the spotted leopard fabric and some faux-bois (because I thought the 'natural' element would go with what she is trying to do with her room). On the reverse, I printed my elephant block on turquoise and added some fabrics which reminded me of African textiles.

lion pillow
elephant side

The Watchers, Ngorongoro I made an edition of eight prints on Japanese kozo paper with my lion and lioness block.

p.s. Mom and I went to see The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus today. Though I did enjoy it, we agreed it isn't Gilliam's best or anything. Of the actors who took over for Heath Ledger, only Johny Depp appeared to be playing Heath Ledger playing a role - and thus was the most seamless. It is, of course, beautiful to watch, and imaginative... but Gilliam's best movies also have stronger story lines.

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