Monday, December 21, 2009

Festival of Lights

Big Things Gwan
Solstice WolvesSolstice BirdsSolstice Happy SunSolstice Puppets
Solstice Women and Beaver PuppetsGiraffe heads and Shadow PuppetsSolstice Sun FacesSolstice puppetSolstice singers
Solstice fire dancersSolstice puppets
Solstice Dancer on Stilts

Solstice Puppet Procession
Here's the fire sculpture going up in flames! Goodbye to 2009!
Solstice setting sculpture ablazeSolstice  fire
Solsticefire sculpture Solstice falling fire sculptureSolstice bonfire
Then the fire dancers really got started.
Solstice fire with dancersSolstice dance troupe
Solstice fire dancer
Solstice fire dancerSolstice fire jugglersSolstice fire hulaSolstice blowing fireSolstice fire dancers
It was fabulous!

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