Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nicolas the Giraffe

giraffe 021 Nicolas the giraffe is an antiquarian bookseller who dreams of finding ship-wrecked treasures. He collects antique nautical charts. He uses his expertise in papers, marbling and book-binding as an excuse to gain access to journals of the great explorers. He's interested in joining you on your next adventure.

You have no idea how many maps I have. Heck, I have no idea how many maps I have. The Geological Survey was just throwing them away! I get envelops occasionally from scientists which are re-purposed old geological maps... and I hoard them!

On a separate note, since no one ever blogs to compliment the weather, I will. We just experienced the first snow-free November in Toronto since they started keeping records! It was lovely and fall like. We are very lucky. The crazies have been out in shorts for most of the month. This morning, when I got up, there was dusting of snow on the roof next door. Overnight, the leaves which were still on the trees seem to have fallen.

giraffe 050
giraffe 044

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