Sunday, December 13, 2009

City by the Bay

San Francisco 002 So we made it here, inefficiently, but in one piece. We, as usual, were in a plane load of Canadian geophysicists. KS and I worked on the paper most of the way. By the last hour my editing skills deteriorated and I gave up. I was exhausted. Not only did I work last week solid, well into the evenings, and do the City of Craft yesterday, but last night (Murphy's Law) the downstairs neighbour decided to have a rip-roaring party, blarring music to all hours. So, I arrived feeling dozy. We all got off the plane, got luggage and proceeded to the BART (public transit), where we waited in line to buy tickets, like good little Canadians. Though the emeritus prof from York behind us was trying to stir insurrection and suggest jumping over the turnstile. Then we waited some more, for the train. We made sure EB knew where he was going. KS was mad when she realized after all that, we really could have just shared a cab... and at least then she might have a receipt to claim expenses. We each walked to our respective hotels, and then met for lunch at 3:30 pm PST. We had some Thai food, which was nice and spicy. KS still wants to work on this paper, so I gave her the files, but I've had it for now. She did say she'd like to go for a walk first, before getting back to work. So, we walked to Chinatown. Then, we headed downtown, and she said she wanted to look for shoes. But, then, I spied an Anthropologie, and spent the next couple of hours corrupting KS (who bought more than I).

San Francisco 003Having eaten at a strange hour, we just bought snacks and headed to our respective accommodations. I am now listening to Coleman Hawkings, using the free wifi in my very well-appointed, if dimunuative hotel room. This one has a sort of contemporary/Deco look in white with antique mirrors and one spectacular light fixture. The bedside table came with three novels for the traveller: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and American Psycho. The first I understand; a classic of American literature (which through one of those bizarre travesties of education, I read as a child, in French translation). The second a recent hit and true San Francisco story. The last one gives me pause. Though I must say, I am feeling quite content, in my tiny, comfy, stylish room, a short walk from everywhere. I am blogging away in my attempt to stay up to a reasonable hour in this time zone. I just hope my co-authors acquiesce and relent on the paper-editing, and then I can relax and enjoy myself. Even though conferences are work, I don't have to present anything. So, I am being paid to learn, which is always lovely.

San Francisco 004
Plus, there are of course, many places I want to go... I think it's been four years since I was last here. You should see the ridiculous outdoor skating rink they've set up in Union Square. The ice is a mess - it's much too warm for that - but it's packed with skaters amongst the palm trees.


Trucdart said...

If you have time and you happen to be in the Mission district, swing over to City Art Gallery on Valencia. Great local stuff, fun for looking, and lots of eateries in that area. Enjoy your trip to SF and if you have any questions, let me know! I used to live there and would be happy to offer some advice. -Marianne

minouette said...

Hi Marianne,
Thanks very much for the tip! They are keeping us pretty busy at the conference, but the Mission district is a short walk from the Moscone Center, so I will be sure to check out the gallery if I have some spare time.
I always enjoy visiting SF. :)

Ele (aka minouette)