Saturday, December 5, 2009

Overheard on the Streetcar

Last night on the packed College car, 9ish, around Bathurst, the driver suddenly announces over the PA system, "So I called my supervisor and asked, 'Am I the only one out here?' and he says, 'Yeah.' So I'm the only car out here, so I want to thank you people for being so well-behaved. In fact, there's a couple of girls up here at the front who are taking requests. Name any song you want sung and they'll sing it for you." Giggling insues from the front of the streetcar and the driver continues, "Okay, no. They won't really sing it for you. But, if there's a cute guy next to you, get his name! And name your first one after me." Those of us at the back of the streetcar who couldn't see what had caused this sudden driver outburst were bemused.

On Thursday, I saw another driver, hop out of her seat to help a drunken elderly man, who stepped down and proceeded to wander the outside lane, in the dark, rather than go to the side walk. Despite the rain, she stood by the door, so cars would see her reflective jacket, and addressing him always as 'sir', coaxed the man onto the sidewalk.

These two drivers help make up for the total TTC FAIL which was last Saturday.

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