Wednesday, March 6, 2013

mapping minouette


I've been looking at some of the great, free data visualization tools that are available on-line. So, to have a dataset to play with, for the mapping visualization, I decided to look at minouette sales (just by total purchases, ignoring whether a buyer bought multiple or single items). Chartsbin let me great the interactive map above, complete with my own colour scheme and my self-selected bins. Maybe you have to be an earth science nerd to think this is cool, but there are all sorts of other options, including the more plotting by equal interval, natural breaks (or Jenks), quantiles, a smooth heat map type (which they call unclassed) or using mapped scaled symbols. You can also control the projection. You can include all sorts of metadata, including mapped images and charts. You can embed them (either interactive or static versions) into your blog or website or even Powerpoint.

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