Monday, February 28, 2011

Something Odd & Something for the Animals

dinosaur portraitVote for your favorite 'Odd' themed item from the Trans-Canada Etsy Team here. I might be biased, but I think you should vote for my Arsinoitherium Lady. ;)

Lady Giggleswick Thinks of LoveI was asked to donate an image to FARP - the Fabulous Animal Rescue Project. You can read about it here. They recuit Etsy sellers to donate images which they use to produce and sell merchandice on Etsy, with all proceeds going to animal rescue charities. things from secret minouette places is a pro-animal shop, being owned by a small, opinionated cat and all. I thought that the protrait of Orbit, aka Lady Giggleswick would be just the thing. She seems the sort of affectionate young canine who would want to spread the love to less fortunate animals.

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