Friday, February 25, 2011


Sometimes I carve a lino block and it doesn't quite come out how I intended. Sometimes this is great, or interesting, or something I live with. Of course, my own taste is no gauge of what others may like. Today, I editioned my quail block, because Reynardin told me how much she liked it. Maybe it's better than I think it is. Based on comments, though I don't think I captured the quintessential quail movement, I at least caught that funny little head-cocking movement they make.

Quail linocut scan

Quail face linocut detail

Quails on the line

When I lived on Vancouver Island, I regularly saw families of California Quail, bumbling around, looking somewhat officious, yet completely adorable. This is an original lino block printed quail on cream-coloured Japanese kozo, or mulberry paper, 10.5 inches by 7.75 inches or 26.6 cm by 19.7 cm. It is inked à la poupée which means small areas are inked in different colours, using a single lino block. It is one of a first edition of only 8 prints.


Marissa Buschow said...

My blocks never come out as I intended, but people always seem to like them. I feel like there's an alternate universe somewhere where the art that was in my head actually comes out correctly.

minouette said...

I like that idea! Though, I'm sort of glad we don't live in that parallel universe. It is more interesting, if more difficult here.