Monday, February 21, 2011

Albino Peacock in Space

albino peacock in space

I need to refine the title, but this is an multimedia piece I've been working on and finally finished. It's been kicking around my head since the fall, and I had some minor ambition to finish it in time for the A Hidden Place show, but decided I preferred to take my time. Like the submerine piece, this piece takes place in some sort of roccoco vessel - this time a space vessel rather than a submersible. Imagine the peacock in front of an elaborate rosette window. The night sky is in multiple layers of acrylic (including glow-in-the-dark stars) and acrylic medium. The silver walls are spray paint (and silver ink) on the tin ceiling tile I found outside 1254Art. The peacock's core is drawn and painted on watercolour paper with acrylic ink and collaged Japanese washi paper, mounted on canvas paper and sewn to the tile. That's right: I sewed it, with my power drill.

peacock body detail
peacock tail detail

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