Tuesday, February 24, 2009

wandering Amsterdam part III

Conversation on Saturday night went till closing time. Apparently, in his spare time he is setting up an internet shop for his best friend, a painter, so KS told him about my etsy shop. Our Dutch friend proceeded to tell us all about his personal life and then asked several personal questions of each of us. It is not the way I am used to speaking with people I have just met, but I did appreciate his frankness. Also, it was interesting because this seemed such an obvious cultural difference - here it might have seemed like a stranger prying, but there it was more like it had never occurred to him to communicate in any other way (despite his American education).

Sunday, I was pretty tired, but we went for one last walk before I took the shuttle to the airport. Mercifully, my stop in Frankfort was less terrible than previous experiences there. I was back in Toronto and home by 9 pm.

Today, I think I will not try anything more challenging than grocery shopping. Afterall, I worked Saturday to Friday last week, not including all the hours spent travelling to and from meetings - I have decided I have earned a day off.

perhaps an elf
gnome home graffiti
smoking gnome
Even the gnomes are smoking in Amsterdam.
blue mural
duck on the Amstel

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