Tuesday, February 24, 2009

wandering Amsterdam part II

We had walked several kilometers are were dead tired and so we took the streetcar back out to the hotel and lay there chatting for an hour before dinner. We met a friend of K at the Rembrandtsplein and went to a popular, tiny Italian place for dinner, after waiting for a table in the pub across the street. Over dinner we discussed our jobs and science issues but then we continued for another drink, um, or five. He asked what Canadians thought of the Dutch. I managed not to say that we thought they were blunt and recognized how much it was appreciated that the Dutch always seem to remember how the Canadians freed their country at the end of each of the World Wars. Also, that the Dutch queen was born in Ottawa (during WWII) and our Parliament is now surounded by tulips from Holland.
houseboat and canalhouses
boats, big and small
Boats in the windows and in the canal...
big jaw
artsy houseboat
asian graffiti Amsterdam
collection in window
Collection of those whatchamacallits - the crochet rope tools, in a window.
Explosion of Delftware.
varied scale canalhouses
I love the variety of scale in the canalhouses and the graffic effect of all the cream-on-black.
seagull on angel
Seagull perched atop the angel on the rooftop.
wheatpaste Amsterdam
mackerel sky over Amsterdam

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