Sunday, February 1, 2009

N is for natillus and numbers; O is for ox

N is for numbers and Nautillus
So I was explaining to how I wanted to carve a nautillus linoleum block for some time but it worried me, because I could not wrap my head around nautillus anatomy. I mean a) they are Class-A WEIRD and b) they seem to appear different in evert photo. Finally, it occurred to me that their very oddness should actually free me, rather than restrain me. I mean, no one else knows precisely what they look like either (encephalopod marine biologists excepted).

The N square of the quilt is made with one original lino block print of a nautillus in a sort of pale burgundy on blue cotton which I printed with my collection of letterpress numbers in various colours and N. I highlighted the N with embroidery.

O is  for Ox
My O square of the quilt comes from my Niu: the Ox lino block of Chinese Zodiac prints. The ox is printed in silver on navvy cotton along with a vintage letterpress O.

final block
This is the post-z block to fill in the corner. It is the entire alphabet of vintage letterpress letters in various colours printed every which way. The quilt will be 7 rows of 4 so there are two more blocks than the number of letters in the alphabet.

See, I am getting somewhere.
Big picture of quilt progress

To be completed: Q, U, V, X, Y and Z.

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