Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dem Hoorn, the Netherlands, on Texel island in the North Sea

So I went from the Pacific to the North Sea. The flight from Vancouver to London was very long. It is somewhat frustrating to go all that way and then have to sit in Heathrow for four hours to fly the remaining 45 minutes, but that is the way it is.
cloud waves
I wonder if anyone else thinks about gravity waves and dispersion relations when looking down on clouds.
the whiskey bar
I went from Victoria with its bunnies, to Dem Hoorn and rabbit soup at the whiskey bar.
thatch roof hotel
This is where I stayed, in the squat, tiny white building with the thatch roof. It was rather cute, but cold. Every day I went out and they would open the window while I was gone. I never figured that out. KS teased me because it did not occur to me that I could turn up the heat. She says this is because I am Canadian. Instead, I slept with two duvets on and a pillow on my head to hold the heat in.
green truck
churchyard 1646
little houses
typical barn
This is a typical barn with its tile and thatch roof.

It was good workshop, if a little Euro-centric. One of these days I will get myself sent to the arctic (topic of our meeting).

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