Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Polar Bear and Aurora lightbox & art+electronics resources

polar bear & aurora lightbox in progress

I've got another sneak peek for you. These are a couple of basic videos I shot myself (obviously) of the construction and finished project. I'm lucky enough to be able to get some help from the professional photographer in the household and hope to have some better videos to share in the near future. Though, it is no mean feat to photograph something which emits changing patterns of light... so he must really love me to embark on this project, and as it will require some labour, it may take some time. In the meanwhile, you can watch this:

Other than that, I built a prototype of my Schrödinger's cat which incorporates some simple circuits so that the poison and cat disappear at the flick of a switch! I'll share it with you when I've got something a little more polished than my breadboard and copper tape circuit. I've been thinking about how best to let the user interact with electrically heated thermochromic prints. It's funny that I'm suddenly thinking of a 'user' of art, rather than a viewer.

Also, I've gathered together a 'Resources' page with links to several of the sites I've found which are useful to artists and makers who want to incorporate some electronics, 'smart' materials, and other scientifically-fueled interactivity (like thermo- and photochromic materials, or shape memory alloys) into their work. This includes sites with information, projects, tutorials and a variety of suppliers. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

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