Thursday, March 1, 2012

minouette comb jelly on Adafruit

Enchantress of Numberscombjelly007One of the places you can find great items for incorporating some electronics into your art, as well as tutorials, kits, links, forums and useful information is Adafruit. I like their attitude, and I like seeing a company lead by a female electrical engineer and entrepreneur be such a success. She (founder Limor Fried) named herself and her company in homage to Lady Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer. I added my pictures of my comb jelly light box to their flickr pool and was asked by one of their engineers if they could feature the comb jelly project on their blog. One of my motivations is often sharing and teaching; I personally think comb jellies are undeniably cool, and I want artists I know to see how easy it is to wire up a simple circuit and add light (or even changing coloured light) to a project. I'm a believer in 'open source'.* It's why I like their attitude, it's why I made a point to explain what I'd done and how, and it's why I'm flattered to be featured.

*It's not always obvious how to make information free, but I think it's a concept which will, combined with a rapidly improving communication system, lead to faster innovation and change civilization.

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