Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pi Day!

Who doesn't love pi, or π (or pie for that matter)? On March 14 (which can be written 3/14*) we celebrate the world's most famous irrational number, so central to geometry, trigonometry, calculus, Fourier Analysis... you name it. If it's mathematical, it needs more π.

The video was produced by Austin-based musician Michael John Blake via the New Scientist magazine.

*Though I prefer the proper, metric date version, 14/3/12.


Bindu said...

Love the notes about Pi. I use it to find the diameter of the cap when I know the circumference of the head.Hope you will visit my blog one day.

minouette said...

Thanks Bindu! Perhaps one could do a whole post on pi in crafting.

I did check out your blog when you made your previous comment and saw the nice photos of Niagara. I'm a big fan of butterflies too.