Wednesday, January 4, 2012

that deep blue, late afternoon sky

balloons IV
BalloonsIV detail
BalloonsIV detail

I'm really happy to have a proper place for my paper now. RJH found me an antique map cabinet, so I can store my large sheets of Japanese washi. I have smaller file folders for small pieces of washi (chiyogami, katazome-shi, unryu and so forth) and other papers. I also have some Thai and Nepali screenprinted and batik papers, some Chinese screenprinted papers, French and Italian patterned papers, a little bit of Brazilian marbled papers, and some beautiful paper I brought home from Amsterdam (whose provenance I don't know, since I don't read Dutch) and a collection of ephemera. This piece, for instance, uses vintage sheet music given to me, years ago, by Lady Redjeep and a bit of a vintage book illustration, which was part of a thoughtful welcome package by vintagepaperparade for 'A Spring Handmade Market' a couple of years ago.


Green Martha said...

Your balloon pieces are gorgeous, and trigger a whole lot of new ideas... Thank you !

minouette said...

Thanks very much! I'm glad to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I really love your pictures. Am I able to use portions of the balloon pictures to make some jewellery? I could always send you some samples of what I make.

minouette said...


Thanks very much for the compliment!

No, I'm afraid I do not license any of my artwork for other artists to make other products. I hope you can understand that. Making an income as an artist is tricky, and I do need to protect my brand. I do claim copyright to all images posted on this blog.