Sunday, January 15, 2012

An Obstinacy of Buffalo

an OBSTINACY of buffalo

The collective noun for a group of buffalo is an "obstinacy". Clearly, these are hard-headed beasts. These ones have drawn a line in the sand. I dare you to cross it. Technically, these are American bison (Bison bison), known colloquially in North America as 'buffalo'. These mighty beasts were once obiquitous across the Great Plains. Despite the worst efforts of the colonists, they have not been exterminated, and many obstinacies obstinately remain. The nature of the typography reflects the words: black, thick, solid, conservative and capitalized 'OBSTINACY' and 'Buffalo' with letters adorned with horn-like serifs.

These linoleum block printed bisons are printed in slightly variable chocolate brown and black ink with dark gold ink grass, and brown, gold and black letters on Japanese kozo, or mulberry paper. Each print is 12.5" by 8" or 31.7 cm by 20.3 cm in dimension. There are 6 prints in the edition.

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