Monday, January 16, 2012

Mini Print International - Asia Pacific

Winged Walrus

I've just realized that I was selected as an Exhibition Finalist for the Mini Print International - Asia Pacific! I created the Winged Walrus specifically, with this exhibit in mind, but submited other "mini prints" (10 cm by 10 cm print area - roughly 4 inches square for Imperial unit hold-outs - on 18 cm by 18 cm paper). The others are the Hand-Held Harpy, T. Rex with Flowers and The Bumblebee. You can find information on their planned exhibits on their Mini Print International - Asia Pacific Facebook page. They had to move to a larger venue and are planning the Mini Print International Awards and exhibit at Melbourne's premiere contemporary exhibition space No Vacancy Gallery (QV) April 2-16th, 2012. They plan later dates in Sydney and Hong Kong.

All finalists will receive catalogues of the exhibit, but if anyone happens to be in Melbourne, I'd love to see photos of the work in the gallery (and the same is true of subsequent exhibits in Sydney and Hong Kong - I'll update you here about future venues).

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