Friday, December 9, 2011

Panda Family

Pandas - detail

This is my linocut portrait of a harried mama giant panda and two unruly cubs. They are magnificent, if funny, creatures, whose expressions make them easy to personify. They remind me of people I know. This print is made in black block printing ink, on white Japanese kozo (or mulberry) paper, 10.5 inches by 12.5 inches (27 cm by cm by 31.8 cm), in an edition of six.


I looked at a lot of photos of pandas, and I must say, they are most improbable. Sort of riddiculously cute, and by appearance at least, lazy. Most photos show them semi-prone, munching. Apparently their heads are so round because of their bamboo-diet. But they actually do have much more of a 'teddy bear' shape anatomy than any of the North American bears I know. Perhaps that, and their colouring, explains their popularity.

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