Thursday, December 29, 2011

That's totally a skunk

skunk detail A determined skunk marches through the snow in this lino block print in black on white Japanese kozo (or mulberry) paper. Each print is 12.5 inches by 8 inches (or 31.8 cm by 20.3 cm). There are 8 prints in the edition.

While most famous for their malodorous defense mechanism, the black and white striped skunk is actually rather cute. So, I'm adding it to my collection of black and white block printed animals.

skunk marching through the snow

This is an actually conversation I had, inspired by my "discarded proofs of prints as wrapping paper" scheme.

R: Oh, did I tell you I love your narwhals print?
M: You mean the pygmy right whale and the two seals?
R: Yes, and this is a great badger.
M: Dude, that's totally a skunk.

These things can be important to know. Those in Europe may not truly appreciate the pungent consequences of mistaking a skunk for a badger (though, I don't suggest messing with a badger either)*. N's cats like to taunt the local skunk, so they are not allowed out if the skunk has been seen. Unfortunately, one summer night they closed only the screen door. The vengeful skunk sprayed their house. N's teenage children were sent home from school the next day, because they stank, merely from being in the same building. Can you imagine being a teenager sent home from school for stinking?! Skunks are quite common here, even in the city. When I was small, we had one who lived below the back porch.

I've been translating all my Etsy listings into French, for days. It's funny to note that while in school I learned that a skunk was a moufette but in Québec it's often called la bête puante (or the stinking beast)! Apparently in the US a skunk is sometimes called a polecate, which I don't understand.

*I can hear the stinking badger jokes now.

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