Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Engelbert the seahorse

standing Engelbert seahorse standing Engelbert seahorse back

Engelbert the seahorse is a naturalist. He's fascinated by the ginkgo biloba tree. He considers it a living fossil and collects items ornamented with their fan-like leaves. He likes to imagine what it would be like to study these trees back in the Jurassic. He likes to share his wild ideas. Perhaps he would be a good fit in your home?

Engelbert is a hand-block printed seahorse in burgundy on mustard yellow cotton. The back of Engelbert the Seahorse pillow features a print fabric with ginkgo biloba leaves and dragonflies, in a patchwork with a burgundy fabric. He is stuffed with cotton/poly stuffing.

I love the French word for dragonfly, libellule.

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