Friday, January 22, 2010

>600 Hearts

Thinking of You Valentine V detail Oh! Thanks to having a unicorn on the Front Page, I've now surpassed 600 Hearts for my etsy shop!

If you are in the east end of Toronto tomorrow, check out the "fashion market, jumble sale, silent auction and bake sale" fundraiser for Canadian Red Cross Haiti Earthquake Relief. Follow the link for details.

I had one of those, 'And where is the TTC going today?' type mornings. Considering I take a streetcar, confined to a finite amount of tracks, this is a surprisingly common reccurring event. There isn't even any snow and they still can't seem to keep the streetcars running. The College shuttle bus decided, mysteriously, to take us (the three people morosely staring at the streetcars piling up at the High Park turn-around and refusing to, well, turn around) along Dundas, so I ended up in Chinatown, but I got here eventually. They really need to keep the streetcars running after the recent fare hike, or they'll have rider insurrection on their hands.

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