Monday, January 28, 2013


minouette at WWCS3 at Gladstone This week in OOAK prep:
We went to Home Depot and found a inormous lock box. Basically, it's a large, sturdy, plastic trunk with hinges, latches and a place for a padlock. I can place my packaged prints inside, and if I need to go somewhere, lock my valuables inside. The whole thing will fit under my table. It isn't large enough for my oversized prints, so we also got a transparent plastic box which is meant for under-bed storage. This box fits on top of the first box and can also fit under my table. Then, I spent the better part of two days packaging prints. I have a collection of cellophane envelops in various sizes, so it was a question of getting a large amount of foam board, cutting it to size, and stuffing the envelops with print, foam board, and business card. I've packaged dozens and dozens. This also involved trying to convince Minouette that there was no cats in packaging prints (like crying in baseball), but she really thought this activity would be improved by a cat's involvement in all aspects. Things I've learned: I have a large number of prints. I need more cellophane envelops and foam board and maybe another storage box. My cat does not understand the use of an xacto knife.

minouette at Movies & MakersNext, I've been working on my profile for the OOAK site and answering questions for Etsy - writing things like artists statements and so forth.

Lastly, I've been scheming about displaying my prints and researching how other people display things. The photos are two shows I did in December - the Wandering Winter Craft Show at the Gladstone and the Movies and Makers show at the Fox Cinema. These were different shows with really different tables and issues. At OOAK, I'll have a large rectangular table, and I'll only be selling art (no pillows or textiles) but I don't want to go with my usual retort stand and ribbon with suspended prints trick. My bamboo stakes on top of retort stand trick probably wouldn't fly either. It's a more formal sort of show and I'm hoping RJH will build me a display. I've found some examples of the sort of thing I have in mind.

Things I still need to do: research smart phone plans so I can get a smart phone credit card reader. There are a number of different products available which are a great solution for small business people who couldn't invest in a regular credit card reader. You just stick them in your smart phone and then you can swipe credit cards and process payments.


Pamela said...

re card reader: since you already take paypal through your etsy, you should get the pp reader - makes it simple and their rates are better (I think) than square or the like.


ps - your displays are GORGEOUS!

minouette said...

Thank you very much for both the tip and the compliment!