Wednesday, January 16, 2013

minouette at the Spring One of A Kind Etsy Section

raccoon portrait

Last night I got a call: I've been accepted to the Spring One of A Kind Show! This is a huge show with sixty thousand visitors over five days, March 27 to March 31st. For the first time ever they will be having a special Etsy section for 40 Etsy sellers. They received applicants from all across the country and even from the US. Participating is an investment, so I've previously elected not to apply. But this new Etsy section seemed like a real opportunity to make the plunge into this huge show! Like the Rising Stars section, the Etsy section will allow sellers to rent a smaller space for a smaller fee. Not only will the Etsy section be showcased as a special artisans section within the show, but Etsy will also be providing us with their support (in terms of promotion of sellers, networking and marketing help). I'm somewhere between jubilant and intimidated.... I'll be working away on preparing my stock and I'll be blogging about my preparations and experience, for anyone else who is considering trying this in the future.

So far, I'm designing some displays, printing more linocuts and scheming about how to prepare prints for sale.

If you are in Toronto and would like to attend, just let me know so I can hook you up with cheap tickets!


fragmentalist said...

Wishing you so much good luck and as little stress as possible! I will definitely visit the show. Really looking forward to seeing your art in person!

minouette said...

Thanks so much Natalie! I can give you the inside scoop in case you're thinking of doing one of their future shows.