Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Everybody's favorite prognosticating rodents

groundhog 002

It's mid-January and that can only mean one thing. Yes, it's time to print a second edition of my groundhog linocut with disappearing thermochromic shadow. It's important to celebrate absurd holidays. This linocut, in which the shadow cannot be seen if the ambient temperature is over 30 C (86 F), promises to act as a 6-more-weeks-of-winter-prognotication tool, as accurate as any celebrity rodent, this February 2nd, or Groundhog Day. No shadow, no more winter, the adage goes and I think my print is unlikely to give a false positive. If the ambient temperature is above 30 C, chances are indeed very good that your winter is over you've unwisely decided to hang art in your sauna.

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