Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shortlisted! for the Handmade Olympics

So, remember the Handmade Olympics hosted by the lovely k. of the rikrak studio blog? Well, the shortlists are finally in! And TWO of my items have made the shortlists!

In event 2 Our Favorite Handmade Goodie for Kids" my Malayan Tapir Stuffies Set (mushrooms and butterflies flavour) is in the running:

tapirs (mushrooms + butterflies)

In event 6 Our Favorite Handmade or Vintage Item That's Fun" my Oh nuts - Chipmunk linocut is in the running:

I hope you'll check out the lovely items shortlisted (& vote for me!); you can see everything here (and by following the links to each event

I was happy to see that some of the other handmakers I notimated made their respective shortlists, including the D.A.D. project for Event 5 (niceness through handmaking). You'll recall Emily and Serena sell art (theirs, and donated) to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. They are awesome and got my vote.

Do check out all the lovely items and blogs and be sure to cast your votes before Friday April 27th at 11:59 EST.


the rikrak studio said...
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the rikrak studio said...

so happy for you, minouette!
many congrats - your work is so lovely.

as the purveyor of the handmade olympics :) (thanks for your kind words) i can tell you it's HUGELY rare to be shortlisted in 2 events! you're amazing!

best of luck
k. @ rikrak

minouette said...

Thanks so much k! I'm really flattered. And I'm happy to be involved - it's great to see the items nominated and hear from the judges too.

You do such an amazing job of blogging and cheerleading for the whole handmade movement, above and beyond all the handmaking you do. Thank you! That's amazing.

sell my house said...


CalliopeKitten said...

I voted for you, congrats on being included TWICE. Great work and best of luck!


minouette said...

Thanks very much sell my house & CalliopeKitten!