Thursday, April 19, 2012

High Five Day

raccoon greeting

Apparently, it's National High Five Day in the US, which is a good excuse to raise money for cancer research. If you'd like to follow suit on this side of the border, the Canadian Cancer Society is here.

Things for which I have earned a high five this week include successfully making machines talk to me, figuring out how to get the water account switched to our names at the new house without sliping into a coma while on hold, and convincing financial institutions to shift my money around (to make the downpayment) without having my BC driver's license (since that was confiscated when I returned to Ontario and requested an Ontario driver's license). Catch-22 avoided, red tape defeated, digital insubordination outfoxed - yay!

In totally unrelated news, I am amused that The Olympics Daily (which must use a bot to gather tweets and be an aggregator) has mistaken my mentioning the The Handmade Olympics for a 'top story' about the 2012 London Games.

You still have some time to vote, by the way, and you can find Event 2 here and Event 6 here.

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