Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hallowe'en around here

halloween TOTORO!

I had a screenprinting class yesterday evening, so I wasn't around when the kids were out. I did see a couple of the very young ones. I liked the roughly 4-year-old Elvis, in 70's style white jumpsuit and large black wig with his or her father in traditional Mexican gear. I also got a few picks of some local decorations. I'm not sure what a giant totoro has to do with Hallowe'en, but I think that's a great item to have on one's porch.The photo is terrible, but that's a full 3D papier maché totoro, roughly 7 feet tall.

halloween 003

These people are always very dedicated to putting on a big show. I saw a lot of adults who were at least as excited as the children: arranging props, testing sound and previewing their smoke machines. The BBQ seemed to be big this year. One can encorporate props, like disembodied feet.

halloween 004

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