Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dinosaurs and Games


This is my mini linocut of a Scutosaurus dinosaur. The block is 10 cm by 10 cm (3.9 inches by 3.9 inches), inked à la poupée (i.e. one block inked in more than one colour, in tiny regions, like as by a little doll our 'poupée'). It is printed on 18 cm by 18 cm (7.1 inch by 7.1 inch) kozo (or mulberry) Japanese washi paper. There are 9 prints in the edition.

Scutosaurus ("Shield Reptile") was a genus of armor-covered pareiasaur that lived around 252-248 million years ago, at the end of the Permian era. The pareiasaurs had massive, rounded bodies and used their sawlike teeth for chewing foliage. Despite its size (2.5 m or 8 feet long), Scutoraurus was a vegetarian.


I don't know about you, but I have a tennis freak on my gift list.* The slogan 'tennis starts with love' might be a bit corny but I like the three tennis balls as an ellipsis. It is printed on Japanese kozo, or mulberry paper 14 cm by 23 cm (5.5 inches by 9 inches).

*She's far better at tennis than technology (for instance she called today to ask me to explain how to switch the TV to DVD, again), so I'm pretty sure I can place this on my blog without revealing anything to her.

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