Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Victoria & Sidney

After a frustrating week of being right, I went down to Victoria on Saturday, to meet friends for brunch.

Blue Fox

Tragically, the Blue Fox was closed. Faunalia can tell you why this is tragic. We ended up at Floyd's, which just isn't the same. I ran out of batteries so you get one more photo downtown:
victoria 006

Note to self: check out the Milkman's Daughter next visit.

I did treat myself to some Smoking Lily goodies.

On Sunday, I had brunch with MR in Sidney, then spent my eveing with F&L and their rapidly growing kids.

Pat Baypond
peninsulagrass on statue
boats in Sidney
punk seagull
sailing by Sidney Spitharbour birds

Yes, January on southern Vacounver Island: the locals were sailing or crab fishing, and the snow was already gone.

keep out

It was good to see so many friends and colleagues. I got a possible invitation to return in February for a meeting about working in the Arctic (if you've followed this blog, you'll know I have this inexplicable desire to get sent to the Arctic). We didn't get everything settled, but my equipment is functioning well, and *fingers crossed* we might get a chance to do a different experiment. My trip home was mostly uneventful - though I recommend avoiding smaller airports, if you can.

I feel pretty lucky to be met at the airport, with flowers, and come home to a vaccuumed apartment and a contented cat.

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