Monday, January 3, 2011


Shoot - linocut
This original lino block print, 'Shoot' shows an old Leica M6 SLR (a favorite amongst photographers, I'm told) and its reflection. It is printed in black ink on white Japanese kozo (mulberry paper). It is one of an edition of 8. Each sheet is 8" by 12.5" (20.3 cm by 31.8 cm).

When I asked my favorite photographer about the 'camera that got away', he told me it was a Leica M6. He knew I couldn't get him one as a gift, since such a classic camera would break my budget - but I was able to surprise him with a print.

'shoot' frames

This one was a challenge. I so rarely depict inanimate objects. Also, there is a lot of very small text on the M6. It was much appreciated by its recipient. He thought everyone would think his gifts unromantic, but I can't tell you how happy and amazed I am with my new wireless scanner-printer and sewing machine!!! They show he thought about what I would really want.

I had such good intentions today. I was going to go to the post office and do some grocery shopping, but instead, I played with my new scanner.

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